Project Highlights

Highland's design-build team was selected by Rady Children’s Hospital to renovate on a "Fast Track" basis an existing office building in Carlsbad, California into the Sanford Clinic a specialized medical facility serving north San Diego County.

This medical facility includes the following departments: Primary Care, Specialty Care, Urgent Care, Developmental Services, Child Abuse Prevention (Chadwick), and Psych – Behavioral. 
Program validation and program management with each of these departments during the design phase provided the necessary details for a well managed Clinic. Based on this collaboration and the specific outpatient services that will be administered in the facility, the project was designed as an OSHPD 3 Clinic. 

Exterior and interior improvements including turrets and crenelations where used to create a warm and friendly environment for the children using the facility.

This project featured a remotely monitored building management system for heating and cooling interior spaces, e
nergy efficient lighting controls and coordination of all Rady Children's Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for a complete ready to operate clinic.

Highland's management efforts resulted in Rady Children's Hospital
 savings 100% of the projects contingency fund.

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Children's Hospital Sanford Clinic

Rady Children's Hospital 
Carlsbad, California​